Drive belts: Setting off reliably
Drive belts are subject to enormous mechanical, chemical and thermal strain. Characteristics like high resistance to friction and temperature changes make the top-class drive belts from Bosch such successful products.
Batteries: Optimal Starting Power for all vehicles
The number of components requiring electric power has grown steadily in recent years. Batteries must therefore meet ever higher requirements. Starter batteries from Bosch are long-lasting, reliable in every weather and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
Brake systems: Optimal security
One of the most important security components of a vehicle is the brake system. All brake components are relevant to security. You can always rely on the highest quality brake systems and components from Bosch.
Filters: Clean performance
Keep your car drive smoothly with fuel-, oil- and air filters. And keep the air in your car cleaner and fresher by using cabin filters. For safer, healthier and more comfortable driving trust Bosch, the worldwide filter specialist.
Spark plugs: Optimum engine performance and cutting-edge technology
As Europe's market and technology leader, the Bosch name stands for the highest levels of quality and expertise in spark plugs. More and more car manufacturers are installing Bosch spark plugs ex factory.
Glow plugs: Lifespan doubled thanks to an innovative glow tube material
The high grade glow tube material of our Duraterm-Chromium line consists of an improved nickel-chrome alloy that provides efficient protection against corrosion and thereby increases service life by 100 percent.
Lambda sensors: Save money with every kilometer you drive
In 1976, Bosch introduced the first lambda sensor to the market. Since then, more than 400 million were sold. The sensor is a component of the injection system and offers enormous fuel consumption savings – but only if it is checked and replaced regularly.
Lighting technology: More light – better visibility
Growing traffic volumes and higher speeds mean ever higher demands for car lighting systems: car-specific applications for every car segment, bulbs and multi-purpose universal lights.
Parkpilot: The eyes in the back of your head
Awkward chassis shapes can increase the risk of expensive collisions during reverse parking. The Bosch Parkpilot can become your sixth sense and help you avoid all kinds of dents – large or small – when maneuvering or parking.
Windscreen wipers: Good visibility for extra safety
With a new type of wiper rubber, improved wiper blade technology and tried and tested long-life performance, our windscreen wipers ensure ideal visibility and increased security.
Ignition systems: It all comes down to power
We have everything your engine needs to start perfectly: Spark plugs, ignition circuits, ignition coils and plastic marten protection pipes.
Horns and fanfares: Strong signals for safety-minded drivers
Bosch signaling devices are based on decades of experience and expertise and incorporate innovative technology. Ultra-reliable functionality, state of the art technologies and high quality are their main features. Today, numerous well-known vehicle manufacturers throughout the world trust the quality of our signalling devices.